Who exactly is a “Paid Conversationalist”?

Paid Conversationalist

This entails being paid to hold and make conversations. And since most people “speak” to their telephones and other hold-able/wearable gadgets, human conversations are becoming rarer, great human conversations are needed to mend our shared pathways back to human centeredness. These are what I called Transformative Discourses & Disruptive Dialogues.


Conversational Leads Include

The generation of inspirers

Community Preservation As A Necesary Tool For Survival



Personal Branding

Men Under Construction

What I Do

Business Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Paid Conversationalist

Paid Conversationalist

I lead New thought conversations by speaking to businesses, organizations, one-on-one Sessions, small groups and not-for-profits Organisations.  I submit that conversations are therapy, considering the exponential speeds of our daily lives.

My Slogan; “Leading Transformative Discourses & Advancing Disruptive Dialogues”.

Business Speaker

I am exploring what works for you where you are right now and how you and your organisation or business are flourish in an ecosystem of a unique company or organisational culture that looks good for both shareholder and the team that produces that shareholder value.

Keynote Speaker

I have spoken to large groups amongst which are highlights such as, Ghana Awards 2015, Miss Cameroon 2015, I also speak to businesses and organisations on various topics are per clients briefs. My conversation leads from Human Potential, Perseverance, Grit, Giving, and many more.

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