Wan Atah

PAID conversationalist

I use my own story as a starting point to help strengthen teams and individuals towards a trajectory of earned growth, success and strategic positioning for new frontiers of human potential optimisation. Looking forward to meeting you

Wan Atah – My Story

I lead conversations based on briefs from clients. Topics and content are carefully researched to meet and exceed clients expectations and thus satisfy the measurable results of my work for your organisation. Often these topics seek to harness your organisation’s culture and align them to your goals from each of your employee’s or team member’s point of view. I help bring them to a point that they themselves become volunteers to your company’s project, positioning and purpose. I disrupt what they are comfortable with, addressing the pain points and providing examples that are relevant, reachable and workable within their common environment. I am a firm believer that knowledge should flourish and be applicable immediately where such knowledge is acquired or is used. This way, we dialogue to teams using applicable knowledges that they can grasp and apply to their “owned” work place and produced the desired results for their own fulfilment and for the organisation. Speak to us lets converse. Lets lead a transformative discourse with your team and disrupt the normal.

“Leading transformative discourses and advancing disruptive dialogues”

Why Work With Me?

This is a profound question. My conversations, in other words, my speaking to your team will stimulate new ideas, insights and ways through which they become aligned to your company goals, growth and object like never before. This is important because, we share our world with tremendous volumes of media that distracting us on a daily basis. Often times in a subliminal way and hence productivity could be affected negatively. My work bring to the foreground some of the practical steps that your team needs to apply to achieve optimal performance and enjoyment while at their place of work. 
Your should work with me because my story and my experience and the work that I put in daily and the demonstrable results that others have achieved as a result of working with me become measurable yardstick of shared success. I am practical, realistic and bring passion, insights and a certain kind of finesse thats bent on results and progress. You should pay me to lead your conversations that bring deepened transformation, disrupt the normal and realign the new paths to work place leadership, team spirit and company culture.