Wan Atah

Wan Atah

In 1996, I read Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to win friends and Influence people” at the time his work fascinated me but I was not able to learn from it the invaluable lessons and the life’s truths it plainly taught. The one thing that really happened to me was that I became curious about this new thinking that could help people to become a better versions of themselves. Fast forward to 2007 in Cape Town and all of these learning started making sense and since then I have become deeply interested in human potential optimization and how its understanding can be harnessed to help you become great at how you lead and impact your life and all life, while at the same time enriching ourselves and accessing our own inner fulfillment and peace.

Athletes, sportsmen and women sometimes in their lives and careers experience low-form in their performances. Some of these top athletes in most cases if not all have the best coaches, mentors, psychologists and all sorts of experts in all the necessary fields required for top athletic performance. They have all these experts around them to assist them stay on top of their game and performances. In fact these athletes one could imagine, have all they need it would seem to keep them in top-form so to speak. Even with all these conditions and experts around them, these athletes still, from time to time experience a period that can be described as poor form, why is that when presumably they seem to have all they need to stay in top form it would appear?

To understand this I have been researching and seeking deeper understanding about “form and performance”. For them its easy one may suspect but for the rest of us, we have to make miracles happen to stay atop our game and performance, the game and performance of life itself, staying alive and thriving for successful living.

When this happens they struggle in their performances, they sometimes don’t win, in worst cases; they may even be depressed perhaps because of the poor form or pressures from fans or the public to always perform and keep winning all the times. Although the athlete may not and often times not prefer the lost of form, it reminds us all that as humans it’s not possible to stay in top-form all the time, permanently. If athletes can experience this with all the resources around them, how are about you reading this now? You could say of yourself, I’m just a normal person, why should this matter? Whether we admit to it or not, while in our various vocations we are unable perform in peak form all the time, there are times that as humans we will experience inexplicable deep in form, in our performances at whatever vocations or any other main thrust of our lives.

When you consider how the pace of life is literally increasing every second of our day, when you consider that we have to continuously adjust to this ever changing pace of life, this perpetual motion with all other factors that are driving us forward, and driving every other aspect of life in all forms forward, the need to balance becomes a necessary must for all peak performers. Or people who are interested in themselves enough and desire to be peak performers in their daily living experiences.

Human Potential Optimization programs and Coaching becomes a necessary undertaking to fortify the arsenal for life’s challenges and purposes. You may ask, why do people like you need coaching or conversations that produce transformative environments and growth? This helps provide clarity to how to balance this drop in form and the aspiration to stay in peak performance. If you are someone who believes that only great performance with a steady momentum would be good enough, if you believe and understand that those who have coaches, mentors and others to help them stay atop their “game” will continue to dominate their vocations as peak performers, if you believe that on your own, its tricky to understand how to manage your form, and that asking for assistance from someone whose main thrust is to assist peak performers stay on top, then I believe that I have something for you.

Human Potential Optimization programs are designed only for those with interest, purpose, awareness and ambition to impact their environments more. People who are driven by the quality and quantity of how much impact they want to create are the clients I work with. People who believe that they are here to change the world and make it a better place, people who know where they are in their life right now, or those who are over or underwhelmed by their performance, people who believe and have realized that they MUST create massive impact unless they never lived here on earth. People who have decided to dump the status quo, people who refuse to fit into a certain predetermined paradigm, people who are deliberate to create new normals, people who want to change and raise the level of how we deliver our services. These are the ones whom I believe will eventually shape our shared tomorrows. Today more than yesterday, we will awake to new news about how our ever-changing world is evolving at dizzying speeds. It’s a unique opportunity to become the best you can be. Human Potential Optimization helps you cut what’s not needed, makes you streamline your focus and assist you and your organisation in making important intentions, surgical. Those in the “know” and who have already acquired for themselves the services of an optimizer and others in the field of personal development are harvesting measurable results. You should consider this, as its purpose is what is helping shape great business leaders, thought leaders, peak performers in all four pillars of society, i.e. Political, Ecclesiastical, Economic and Intellectual. Now that you know how this can assist you in adding special unique value, what are you going to do about it?

You have read all of this and it makes sense to you. What will you do, stay mediocre or act now by call or emailing me and benefit from a free chat that may just give you the missing clue or to be modest, another clue in our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. In general, life is just a mission to collect clues that help us in our journey towards eternity. Follow me on Twitter an Instagram @Wan_Atah