There are several men who are currently under construction: First, there is a wave of consciousness that’s sweeping the continent amongst black men tilted in favour of achievement. In other words, men who want to achieve something in their lives first. The “achievement first” bug has bitten most thinking and conscious black men. This means that these thinking black men, men who have deliberately removed themselves from all sorts of temporality, persevering men, hard working men, men who say they need twenty-five hours in a day. Men who are building themselves and building ideas that are often bigger than them. Men who literally do not sleep. The men Who will be the great quintessential men of the next decades. This has move the aspiration more tilted towards achievement, building brands, getting educated, solving problems, inspiring others, creating better living experiences and more importantly creating a wealth centric future. Most of these men in these sorts of “construction sites” are often looking for women as partners in romantic relationships who are dream builders in their own right too, construction workers who are able to see beyond the present rough edges that these men bear and join in at the construction site. These kinds of men in most cases, are aware of these circumstances and would not mind someone (a woman) coming along to assist build this dream while as a by-product help smoothen the “edges” off these men. The construction site metaphor is befitting since it helps peels off any semblance of fake-ness that may be woven into unrefined intentions from whosoever (women) that may wish to join in on site. The construction site is for deliberate people. People who are not afraid to get their hands dirty as it were. People who know that to have anything, it will require that you actually put in the work in building it. People, both men and women who are resolute about a particular kind of future earned through hard work, learning, lessons and perseverance.

At times and in fear, for most of such men on this route, or on such construction sites of his personal enterprise, their aspirational selves propel them to look beyond their own cycle of seven such that they can find women who too are looking for men with similar aspirations. This is so because, your two-selves (your present self and your future or aspirational self) are often in conflict of who will rule your mind in the present and often, your aspirational self wins these conflicts as it locates the reward

into the future. The current self too deals with the reality of being shunned by these or those women whom his/your present self may desire as construction workers. This tends to burden both the present and even the future of romance and romantic relationships. However, one could say the future of romance and romantic relationships looks great for those on the construction side, as artificiality will fall off on its own, peeled away by the tedious work that is demanded by the construction work itself or every such effort that would be required in varied doses to create or build the future of your dreams. This is based on the fact that artificiality can’t sustain the test of time since the construction process is meant to trim, build and strengthen character.

The construction site metaphor is construed in this context to mean, believing that only work yet done would bore the bounty of harvest and as such fakes and lazy workers are not welcomed. The concept of construction allows for the actual realities of such tediousness to peel away any semblance of untruthfulness and or all ideas in the “immediate” focusing the soul of the prospects yet constructed by the “workers” and which are in most cases requiring the passage of time to yield whatever fruits of the labour as it were. It’s noticeably poignant that on such sites all hands are on deck, not because of the immediacy of the reward, but often because the participation through labour on such sites also helps strengthen personal resolved which of course bears own by-products of self growth and personal development. Construction is not for everyone and those called to it assume the calling as purposeful and take it to heart so that the greatest of themselves is poured in the work in order that its beauty rewards one’s own soul first before the measurement of this splendour by other beholders. Some men have a deep deliberateness about which this concept of being on a construction site resonate with them. They make deliberate choices and go ahead to be steeped in the imminent outcomes of a beauty in a form perhaps measurable beyond the value of money and what money can buy. They have made these choices to steer clear of the norm and dictates of society and go on to set sail into distance horizons in pursuit of achievement. They do this consciously despite how society would have dictated to the contrary and how most are on a “general” avenue of sameness.

Those who choose this option, often times are seen as if they are missing something and ordinarily remain outside the common threshold of vogue and are disregarded by most who despise the concept of joining into the construction of the edifice of personal enterprise. As history holds and as contemporary times reveal, its more rewarding to participate in these construction processes as they too help deepen your personal voyage of self discovery and happiness and the privilege of knowing how far you have come in creating personal and enriched memories with the architect. Finally, taking part has possible two things just as most situations and circumstances hold dualistic outcomes, at best all co-constructors share the spoils of a fancied edifice of their dreams or at worst one of the constructors misses out, yet even at this “missing out” point, the inner reward of personal sacrifice and growth will outlast the mishaps of not being part of the house warming party.